About Scott Ransom 910 2022
The Ransom is the long travel enduro bike to rule them all. From stage racing at the highest level to traversing the world’s most demanding mountains, this bike was designed to help you ride like you never have before. Progressive geometry, 170mm of suspension travel front and rear in unison with the twinloc suspension system and Scott's strongest carbon construction to date gives you a mountain bike that will surely give you plenty of rewards when taking risks. Ride ransom, make mountains move.

The Ransom. This Enduro Mountain Bike features 170mm of trail munchin', climb crushing, stage winning all day pinning mountain biking excellence. The 910 comes equipped with a FOX 38 fork, Scott's TwinLoc Suspension System, a SRAM Eagle groupset and Syncros components to help you get away with murder, regardless of your ability level.

Key Features
Wheelsize: The Ransom frame is capable of fitting both 27.5” and 29” wheels. All you have to do is flip a chip on the shock mount when going from one size to the next and you’re good to go. No need to change the fork unike with many other brands.

Lightweight: In order to be out in the mountains climbing from pass to pass and shredding singletrack in between, you need a lightweight bike. Saving energy on the up’s is the best way to ensure mastery of the trails on the way down. The Ransom’s frame, shock and hardware weigh in at a total 2650g, a benchmark in the industry.

Built For Speed: The Ransom is flat out built for speed. With Scott's strongest carbon frame to date, cleverly thought out geometry, 170mm of suspension travel and the TwinLoc Suspension System, the Ransom will change the way you define the word “fast.”

Carbon Construction: With the Ransom, Scott wanted to produce their strongest carbon frame to date. Clever carbon layups and strategic reinforcement in critical areas have done just that. An Enduro frame needs to be ready to take a beating, and with the Ransom they've achieved just that.

TwinLoc Suspension System: TwinLoc allows you to have the perfect bike for every section of trail on your ride. With Twinloc, the rider can effectively control the complete, frame fork and shock as a system. By adjusting both damping and spring curve, you can have a bike that goes from being a climbing machine to a world class descender, and everything in between at the flick of a switch. Climb mode locks out front and rear suspension for those smooth climbs. Traction Control mode provides front suspension with full travel but firmer damping; Rear suspension has reduced travel, but changes the geometry to have a better pedaling position. In Descend mode, the shock is fully active and front and rear and offers full travel.

Scott Ransom 910 Carbon

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