The Spicy represents the very essence of Enduro riding. Raced and developed out on the trails by the Lapierre Zipp Collective Team, including riders: Adrien Dailly, Isabeau Courdurier, Chloe Gallean and of course Nico Vouilloz. Constantly evolving to meet the demands and speed of extreme riders; The Spicy remains our iconic long travel MTB.

Key Features

  • Complete confidence

    Why put a carbon frame on an endurance mountain bike? Because we are sure of the reliability of our Spicy frame made of Ultimate UD SL carbon. Carbon contributes this touch of lightness, explosiveness and performance; ideal for experienced downhill demons and for saving energy during connections. So... still not convinced?

  • Always sets the standard

    Even though the frame shares the same platform as the Zesty AM, the change of shock absorber allows a change in geometry, increasing clearance to 170 mm while keeping the same kinematics that make the Spicy a downhill racing monster with impeccable rear suspension quality under all conditions and a limited pumping effect.

  • Complete peace of mind

    When sessions are intense, 29-inch wheels that are robust and easy to maintain are needed. That is why we have chosen Mavic EX 630 32-spoke rims. What is more, they are tubeless-ready right from the start. Above all, their 30 mm rim width makes it possible to fit wide section Maxxis tyres for maximum grip and precise handling.

Lapierre Spicy 6.9 CF

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